BOR Mine Will Now Be Used In The Defense Industry…

Boron Mine Will Now Be Used in the Defense Industry… After the energy, health, food, automotive and cosmetics sectors, the boron mine will also be used in the defense industry. Mehmet Can Arvas, General Manager of FHM Nanotechnology Academy, which processes boron with nanotechnology and uses it in various sectors, said that Turkey has the majority of boron mineral reserves.

Stating that they finally obtained aluminum armor from boron mine by using nano composite and domestic resources, Arvas emphasized that the product is 3 times lighter than steel.

Arvas stated that aluminum armor can be used in steel vests for the defense industry, armored personnel carriers, money transport vehicles, steel helmets, high-protection buildings such as police stations and exteriors of automobiles.


Stating that the use of boron mine in the defense industry will provide great added value to the country, Arvas said that the trust in Turkish technology will also be registered in international platforms.

Arvas stated that the production of boron mine between 5 and 50 nanometers is a revolutionary work and said: “Nano boron materials are used in many different sectors due to their natural and additive-free properties. Aluminum armor is a worldwide innovation, it can replace steel construction. When used in steel vests, at close distances (5-10 meters), lead cannot penetrate aluminum armor and pass to the opposite side. When used in armored cars, it consumes less fuel due to its lightness, reduces tire wear, and increases the speed and performance of the vehicle. It offers a high level of security in terms of police station and exterior building protections.”


Pointing out that the boron aluminum composite armor obtained by nanotechnology has advantages such as being light, being cheaper than steel, and being easy to process, Arvas stated that they have received orders of approximately 100 million dollars from abroad.

Arvas explained that negotiations are continuing with some local groups for investment cooperation in order to meet the demands.


Arvas criticizes Turkish businessmen for not making sufficient and correct R&D investments and said, “Developed countries allocate great resources to innovation and R&D studies. In Turkey, on the other hand, businessmen do not look forward to any production without support from the state. They continue to work only with distributorships obtained from foreign countries. Development is achieved by giving, not by taking distributorships”.



Source : economy.milliyet

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