“LIPOSOME” developed by Turkish scientists marked the cosmetics congress in Brazil

The 'liposome' (microcapsule) developed by Turkish scientists with nano-technology, which increases the effect of anti-aging creams up to 8 times, left its mark on the cosmetics congress in Brazil.

The anti-aging liposome, developed by Turkish scientists with nano technology, left its mark on the 28th Congress of the International Federation of Cosmetic Researchers (IFSCC), held in Brazil this year. Advanced technology liposomes, developed as a result of B'iota Laboratories' cooperation with TÜBITAK, ensure that the active substances they contain are not limited to the skin surface, but are carried into the cells in the lower layers of the skin at a rate of one millionth of a millimeter. Thanks to this new liposome technology, the effect of anti-aging creams increases up to 8 times. B'iota company introduced this project, called revolution in Liposome technology, at the International Congress of Cosmetic Researchers Federation (IFSCC). The company is preparing to sell this product all over the world by completing its R&D studies.
B'iota Laboratories R&D Department Chief Ersin Baykara, who made the 'nanotechnological liposome' presentation at the FSCC Congress, which we attended as the guest of B'iota, pointed out that the rapid development in the cosmetics industry has also increased the expectations, and said: we are the only company. Liposomes penetrate better under the skin and are more effective than products without liposomes.

What is liposome, what does it do?

The care products applied on the SKIN cannot progress in the skin and cannot affect the lower layers where the skin renews its cells. The new technology, on the other hand, is based on the ability of liposomes to penetrate under the skin, enabling the transport of matter and energy under the skin at a nanometer scale, which is one millionth of a millimeter. Thus, it allows the production of a smaller 'nanotechnological liposome' than a normal size liposome.

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Source : Hurriyet

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