Will this experiment completely change our understanding of energy in the future?

Polish scientists are working on an experiment that could completely change our understanding of energy in the future. New usage methods of coal, which is one of the fossil fuels that cause the most air pollution in the world, are being investigated. Coal is burned underground by a method called gasification. Thus, less methane gas is emitted into the nature. Experiments have been going on since 2010.

The gasification process is carried out in the mines, 400 meters below the ground, through a special reactor. The mixed air, oxygen and steam are pumped into the reactor. 5 tons of coal is converted into gas at 1,2 degrees in a 1200 meter thick wall.

Ryszard Gowarzewski, who worked as an engineer on the project:
“We are in the corridors where the experiment was conducted. It was built for the process of converting coal into gas. You are now seeing the preparation phase for this process. The supports you see here are for the pipes that carry the gas out. Behind us are the working drills for the natural nuclear fusion reactor. The coal is burned there.”

The gas comes out of the mine free of dust and tar. Then, these machines go through a final cleaning stage. These experiments will have technical, economic and ecological consequences. Perhaps underground coal gas technology will bring a new understanding of efficiency in energy. Such a technology is of particular importance for a country with the highest air pollution in Europe, such as Poland.



source : euronews

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