A new university is being established in Bursa by BTSO.

A new university is being established in Bursa by BTSO. Stating that they will apply to YÖK for Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry University in the coming days, BTSO President İbrahim Burkay said, "Bursa will become Turkey's R&D and technology center with this university."

Bursa gets a new university. A university will also be established by BTSO in Bursa, which has 2 universities, 1 state and 3 foundation. Noting that the new university is one of the 16 macro projects, BTSO President İbrahim Burkay explained that this university will fill the design and R&D engineer gap. Speaking about the latest status of the university project, İbrahim Burkay said, “There are new developments regarding BTSO university, which is one of our 16 macro projects. In particular, we believe that Bursa has a great role in Turkey's achievement of the targets in the 100th anniversary of the republic. If Bursa is going to achieve this, it will definitely succeed with its trained manpower. We have 3 universities in Bursa. We are also implementing BTSO University, which is intertwined with the industry and works together. We have taken the decision of the board of directors on this issue," he said.


Stating that they will apply to YÖK for BTSO University in the coming days, Burkay said, “I hope that the Vocational School will start education in 2014. Together with the vocational school and BUTGEM, this university will train a skilled workforce for the business world. Our university, which has 12 floors of administrative building and 5 floors of educational buildings, will suit Bursa in terms of architecture. In this regard, our esteemed members approved this decision in the last assembly. We are currently in a process where we are at the application stage to YÖK”.

Burkay stated that technical and design trainings will be given at the university, which will be built next to the BUTGEM building in Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone, and continued as follows:

“We will establish an exemplary university. Bursa will truly become Turkey's R&D and technology center. We will do this under the roof of our university. If we look at the road map in front of Bursa, we will need a university in a city with a per capita income of more than 30 thousand dollars and a population of 4,5 million. Bursa will serve as the locomotive both for the industrialist and for the production, especially in the transition to medium, high and advanced technology products. We will do this with our trained manpower. Today, we do not have R&D engineers. In this university, engineers will be trained on R&D.”


Reminding that the new scholarship directive was accepted unanimously at the October assembly meeting of BTSO, Burkay said, “New arrangements have been made in the scholarships to be given by BTSO to support students in need of financial support. Scholarships will be awarded based on performance based on the degree of success. Based on the ranking of YÖK, 2023 students in need who can contribute to the 250 vision will be supported. In order of success; The current grade point average and the university entrance exam ranking will be taken as basis for students studying in the intermediate class, and the undergraduate placement exam ranking for students who have just started university or have just completed the preparatory class. The total monthly upper income of the family of the student who will receive the scholarship has been determined as 2 thousand 500 TL. The distribution of scholarships according to fields was also changed; 55 percent to engineering, architectural sciences, health and sciences, 30 percent to social and human sciences, 5 percent to the children of the families of martyrs who did not qualify for scholarships in their own categories and veterans with disability certificates, and 10 percent to chamber members and chamber staff who did not qualify in their own categories. It is foreseen that their children will be given a scholarship of 280 TL per month”.

The University will have a Faculty of Design, a Technical Vocational School and a Foreign Languages ​​Department. The architect of the project will be Hasan Sözüneri. The university will be established on a closed area of ​​25 thousand square meters. The campus will rise on an area of ​​35 thousand square meters belonging to DOSAB. The university will have a conference hall, 110 classrooms, laboratories, workshops and social facilities. In addition, solar energy panels will be installed at the university in terms of energy efficiency.



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