State to Rent Dormitory from Private Sector for University Students

The State Will Rent Dormitory from the Private Sector for University Students. Announcing that Turkey has a bed capacity of 310 thousand, Minister of Youth and Sports Suat Kılıç said that the construction of 163 dormitories all over the country continues.
Underlining that they did not leave a city without a university, Kılıç pointed out that the need for dormitories increased with the increasing number of students, and that there were more than 80 thousand university students waiting in the reserves because there was no place even though they applied.

Dormitory to be rented from the private sector!
Due to all these reasons, Kılıç announced that an announcement will be made on Monday, November 11, within the scope of the dormitory rental work in order to meet the accommodation needs of the students. Stating that it is planned to solve the 100 thousand bed capacity in this way with the method of renting dormitories from the private sector, Kılıç said that in the tender announcement that will cover 65 provinces, dormitories where 500 to 5 thousand students can be accommodated will be crowded. Expressing that they aim to increase the current bed capacity of 310 thousand to 450 thousand, Kılıç stated that the dormitories to be rented will be given a 15-year rental guarantee.
“When we reach the bed capacity to the numbers we desire, the problem of apartments and hostels, which are not operated in accordance with the law, are employed illegally, do not have a business license, do not pay taxes, do not have a tax sign, and are used for illegal methods from time to time, will be completely off the agenda of Turkey, and the eyes of the parents will be taken care of as well. Kılıç said, “It is perfectly normal for the students to show their will to spruce up these places by using their powers, and we are the ones who will do what is necessary for this will.”
Suat Kılıç, who interpreted Prime Minister Erdogan's words about student houses as the legitimate concerns of Prime Minister Erdogan, who has responsibility for the youth of this country, stated that everyone should roll up their sleeves and take precautions today.



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