Faculties of Arts and Sciences remained vacant as a result of additional placement…

As a result of the additional placement, the Faculties of Arts and Sciences remained vacant… After the completion of the additional placements, it was revealed that 14 universities did not even enroll in departments such as physics, chemistry and biology.
In addition, according to the results of the last 8 years, 15.2 was the year with the highest vacant quota rate at universities, with 2013 percent. This rate was 2012 percent in 11.3 and 10.6 percent in the previous year.

According to the official statement made by ÖSYM after the completion of additional placements at universities, 118 thousand 700 vacancies remained. Last year, there were vacancies in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics departments of more than 20 universities. This year, biology in 3 universities, physics in 6 and chemistry departments in 5 universities remained vacant, no registration was received for these departments.


Saying that the rate of vacancies in universities is very high, Kultur Dershaneleri Guidance General Coordinator Salim Ünsal said, "This situation is a waste of the country's resources," and gave the following information: "While 1 million 924 thousand candidates enroll in the university, 679 thousand, 1 million 245 thousand are either ready to try again. starts or exits the system. We see that the applications are based on the psychological limit of 2 million again. There are students, there is a school that will dominate this student, but the system that will bring them together is problematic. Why doesn't this mass, which is trying to enter the university, respect the existing departments? These and similar questions need to be examined well by YÖK, ÖSYM and higher education institutions, and the necessary solutions should be produced immediately.”


According to Ünsal, the reasons for so many vacancies are as follows: “The institutions, faculties and colleges opened with the idea of ​​a higher education in each province and a higher school in the districts of those provinces do not fully meet the perception of university in the minds of students. These institutions, in places where the number of academic experts is lacking, technical equipment is insufficient, and lacking in meeting physiological, social and cultural needs, are not primarily preferred by the candidates. Arrangements that will change the perception of these in the minds of students need to be made quickly. one term candidates
One of the important dilemmas is that a program that is interested and demanded by the university enters the academic program of almost every university.”


Gazi University Polatlı Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Prof.Dr. Şeref Okuducu's opinion is as follows: “The situation is better than last year. The measures taken showed themselves. Giving the right to teach in secondary education to departments such as physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics will bring basic sciences back to their old days. Physics departments of 70 percent of universities in Turkey have been closed. Universities, non-governmental organizations and administrators have duties in this regard.”
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