1 Billion Tons of Copper Reserve Found in Kahramanmaraş!!

In the region between Hüyüklü village of Afşin district and Elbistan district, approximately 5 billion tons of porphyry copper was found as a result of the reserve exploration work carried out by the teams for 1 years within the scope of the "Kahramanmaraş-Osmaniye Polimetal Mineral Exploration" project of the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA).

As a result of the drillings made up to 900 meters in depth, it was determined that the mining area containing lead and zinc was formed 4-5 kilometers below the ground within the framework of the magmatic mass, but reached the surface as a result of ground movements.

Geological Engineer Cevdet Çakır, who works at MTA, said that there is an important copper reserve in the information he gave to the journalists.

Çakır, who gave information about the researches carried out in the Afşin-Elbistan region, said, “We can say that the area we are working on is the largest among the porphyry copper fields available in Turkey at the moment. Porphyry copper ore was found from the surface to a depth of 900 meters.

Stating that the separation work continues in Elbistan, Çakır stated that the samples taken will also be analyzed in the central laboratories of the MTA General Directorate.

Noting that according to the results of the analysis, they have information about the structure, quality and amount of the ore throughout the field, Çakır said: “We have been working for 6 years by many officers, 5 of whom are geological engineers, within the framework of the Kahramanmaraş-Osmaniye Polymetal Prospecting Project in the Afşin-Elbistan region. There is a great background in mineral exploration. A large field is scanned. A field narrowing is made in this area. A study is made on which region we will concentrate more on and the geological infrastructure is created. After that, samples are taken from different regions to be sent for analysis. According to the results of these, we determine the area where we will work in detail. This field is the field that emerged after these studies. The work is currently ongoing.”

There are also lead and zinc in the reserves

Stating that there is a complex reserve consisting of copper, lead and zinc mines in the region, Çakır stated that as a team, they mainly work on copper.

Noting that there is a mineralization in the study area, which means that it also contains lead and zinc, Çakır said, “Currently, we can evaluate it as the largest area among the porphyry copper fields available in Turkey. As a result of the drillings we have done so far, we can say such a determination. We are doing this work on behalf of the MTA. Our institution conducts such studies in almost every part of the country.”



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