Karatay University became the first Turkish university to become a full member of the ALICE Experiment, one of the CERN experiments.

KTO Karatay University became the first Turkish university to become a full member of the ALICE Experiment, one of the experiments of the European Nuclear Research Center (CERN), headquartered in Switzerland.

KTO Karatay University Board of Trustees Member Prof. Dr. Abdullah Çavuşoğlu mentioned that the cooperation agreement to be signed between CERN and KTO Karatay University is a very important agreement. Stating that there are 4 universities in Konya, Prof. Dr. Cavusoglu said:

“Two of them are foundations and two are state universities. While all of these universities are trying to contribute to science, they are also trying to contribute to the development of Konya. On the other hand, there is another element in Konya that will illuminate our spiritual inner world. This is Mevlana, you know. In this context, Konya offers unique opportunities to improve ourselves. I think that the signatures will make a great contribution to our university.”

Joint projects will be made
KTO Karatay University Faculty of Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Ali Okatan stated that CERN is the largest research center in the world. Explaining that not everyone is a physicist at CERN as everyone thinks, Prof. Dr. Okan said:
“There are 20-25 percent physicists there, the rest are all engineers. They came from every country in the world. There are mostly Americans there. The internet we use now was discovered there. Many devices used in medicine were also discovered there. I really thought we should be a part of it. I have been trying to convince everyone for 2 years to be involved in the CERN project. Fate smiled at me. A very valuable member of the board of trustees such as Abdullah Çavuşoğlu appeared before us. He also supported me. The board of trustees approved the CERN project. I hope we will become a better university in a very short time through this CERN project. We will send our students there for internships. We will do other joint projects.”

The partnership will continue
CERN representative and ALICE Experiment General Coordinator Prof. Dr. Paolo Giubellino, on the other hand, stated that the ALICE Experiment is a great cooperation partnership consisting of 37 different countries and said:
“Scientific research is not only scientific research, it also makes great contributions to technology. I believe that Karatay University will contribute not only to scientific research but also to technological research. Although large experiments such as the ALICE Experiment were established at CERN, the sub-parts of these detectors are not made at CERN. Universities make them in their own laboratories. Therefore, CERN acts as an institution that gathers these detectors in one piece. Technology and knowledge transfer belong entirely to the universities themselves. The ALICE Experiment has 140 members, why do we need the 141st? Because we are developing new technologies here. Every new person we add to our partnership will provide us with new information. It will provide new information to show how to produce it, and new ideas in the discussions there will shed light on developing new technologies that come our way.”

Following the completion of the one-year application process, the CERN-ALICE Experiment cooperation protocol was signed at KTO Karatay University. CERN representative and Alice Experiment General Coordinator Prof. Dr. Paolo Giubellino, Member of the Board of Trustees of KTO Karatay University Prof. Dr. Abdullah Çavuşoğlu and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Ali Okatan, academicians and students.

After the speeches, signatures were signed between the parties.



source : hurriyet

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