Special shampoo for those undergoing chemotherapy

Special shampoo for those undergoing chemotherapy. Talet Sam, the representative of the company that produces the shampoo, gave information about the "post-chemotherapy shampoo" at the press conference.

Stating that chemotherapy taken during cancer treatment causes hair loss, and that the shampoo developed in Switzerland and patented in this country is produced from plant extracts, Sam explained that the shampoo revitalizes weakened hair follicles.

Noting that the necessary notifications were made to the Ministry of Health for the “dermo-cosmetics” product, Sam said, “I decided to develop such a product when I learned that my beloved artist Nilüfer had cancer. It is very important for cancer patients who lost their hair during treatment to regain their lost self-confidence.



source : morning

📩 03/11/2013 01:23

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