Biotechnical Control Methods Against Chemical Drugs Investigated

A "Biotechnical Control Symposium" was held to discuss methods that are friendly to human health and the environment, as an alternative to the use of chemical drugs in the fight against harmful organisms that adversely affect plant production. Plant Production and Plant Health branch managers, agricultural quarantine and institute managers attended the symposium organized in İzmir by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock General Directorate of Food Control. Through the symposium, producers had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the public and private sectors.

Nihat Pakdil, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, who spoke at the symposium, said that they were working on new environmentally friendly formulas after realizing some of the negativities of the fight against pests with chemical substances. Food Control Deputy General Manager Dr. Nevzat Birişik said, “It is not a coincidence that we chose İzmir for this symposium, which we organized for the first time. The most important reason is the farmers of İzmir, the people of this region who are open to knowledge and enlightenment. İzmir is the last province where alternative methods of struggle will be used, because there is industrial pollution here. This puts pressure on beneficial organisms. Izmir is hot, if there is a temperature, it means there are too many harmful organisms. We are talking about an ancient agricultural culture. It means that everywhere has been planted, harvested, polluted with pesticides and fertilizers for years. Despite all these negativities, organic farming is best done in İzmir. It means that there is something wrong with some of the truths we know. If İzmir today is the province that produces the most organic products in Turkey and is the export center of organic agriculture, it means that this work is being done scientifically.” said.

Izmir Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Ahmet Güldal, who hosted the symposium, also explained that the ministry has designed new production models in this direction, as reliable and healthy food production has become an indispensable part of today's world. Stating that the manufacturer can benefit from 50 percent of the grant support for biotechnical and biological control methods, Güldal noted that in 2012, 3 thousand 41 liras were paid for an area of ​​123 thousand 305 decares in Izmir. He added that this year, the product variety supported in herbal production has been increased, and olives, pomegranates and apricots are also included.

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