The acidity of the oceans is increasing day by day.

A warning was given in the latest report prepared by the world's leading 540 scientists. The report stated that the seas are acidifying at a rapid pace. The oceans absorb a quarter of the carbon dioxide produced by human activities. The increased amount of carbon dioxide in the water leads to acidification. Noting that the oceans are warming and the acidity rate is increasing rapidly, scientists have prepared the most comprehensive report on this subject.

The joint report of 540 experts around the world points out that the rate at which the oceans absorb greenhouse gases is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Compared to the industrial revolution period, when human-induced greenhouse gas emissions began, the acidification of the oceans has increased by a quarter.

If it continues at this rate, acidification will reach 170 percent by the end of the century. This means that one-third of all ocean creatures will perish.

Carbon dioxide dissolved in water causes the weakening of the calcium shells of sea creatures. This threatens the food chain and the marine ecosystem, and then the people who feed on them.

According to the report, it is estimated that by 2100 the Arctic region will be a region where crustaceans cannot live. According to scientists, the only way for the seas to repair themselves is to reduce fossil-based emissions.

It is noted that even if carbon emissions into the air are stopped today, the acidification in the oceans will not stop for a while. It was announced that greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere increased by 32 percent this year, breaking a new record.



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