Hot water in oil wells will heat greenhouses…

Hot water in the oil wells will heat the greenhouses… The hot water extracted from the oil wells of the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (Tpao) Adıyaman Regional Directorate is evaluated in the greenhouse.

Governor Mahmut Demirtaş, in his speech at the presentation of the "exemplary" greenhouse heated by the hot water coming out of the oil wells of Tpao by the Kahta District Governorate and the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate, stated that 70 percent of the greenhouse cost consists of heating expenses.

Emphasizing that the hot water coming out of the wells will no longer be wasted, Demirtaş said:

“We want to show the greenhouse and the project to our citizens. In addition, we will offer hot water to the private sector with the heat exchanger system we will build in this area. Hopefully, our region will now be a greenhouse warehouse. People of Adıyaman will use their resources in a very different way, not only wheat will be planted on their land, but higher income products will be produced."
Demirtaş stated that they aim to direct the farmers to alternative products with the project.



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