International Green Buildings Summit will be held in Lütfi Kırdar on February 20-21, 2014

The "International Green Buildings Summit", which will be held for the third time this year by the Environmentally Friendly Green Buildings Association (ÇEDBİK) to guide the green transformation of the construction industry, will take place at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center on February 20-21, 2014. In the past years, Turkish Minister of Environment and Urbanization Erdoğan Bayraktar, EarthEco International President Philippe Cousteau Jr, Columbia University Global Thinking Committee Co-Chair Prof.Dr. Hosting many valuable international and Turkish speakers, including Saskia Sassen, WGBC and USGBC President Rick Fedrizzi, and nearly 1000 participants, the Summit will also host important speakers who are experts in their fields this year. As the largest platform in Turkey on sustainable/green buildings and cities, the Summit will bring together the leading stakeholders of the sustainable/green building industry in Turkey and in the world, senior managers of real estate and construction companies, and the most experts in their fields at conferences, panels and seminars. will create a qualified discussion environment for information sharing in the construction industry.


In recent years, the construction industry has come up with examples that exceed the limits of its performance both nationally and internationally, with the concepts of "sustainable/green building" and "sustainable/green city". In this context, the main purpose of the conference is to bring together the best nationally and internationally in order to encourage the best in Turkey at the beginning of the 21st century; To ensure that projects, innovative ideas and models that cross borders in design inspire the summit participants.


The World Green Building Councils European Regional Network (WGBC Europe Regional Network) is an international network representing more than 30 national Green Building Councils and more than 3,500 member companies in Europe. Representing all the stakeholders of the building industry in Europe and including the Turkish Green Buildings Council (ÇEDBİK), the first meeting of this network in 2014 will be held in Turkey on February 20, 2014, in parallel with the Summit, hosted by ÇEDBİK.


Another important event that will take place at the Summit is the launch of the National Green Building Certificate. Systems that evaluate buildings and settlements according to their environmental impacts play an important role in the targeted green transformation process. In the last Summit, TC. The National Green Building Certificate, whose work has accelerated after the protocol signed with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, aims to support Turkey's sustainable development. All details regarding the Green Building Certification System, which was shaped by the participation of more than 100 academicians, institute representatives, companies and NGOs and whose pilot project studies are ongoing, will be announced at the Summit.


ÇEDBİK, the leader of the Green Transformation in Turkey, has added a new one to its awareness-raising activities it has carried out so far, and has put Turkey among the 20 countries involved in the project by signing the "GREEN SCHOOLS" agreement at the Cape Town World Green Buildings Councils Congress. The Green Schools Project is an international multi-stakeholder project based on the ability of students to receive education in healthy, safe and more efficient buildings. The aim of the project is to contribute to the raising of more academically successful and healthier generations who receive education in healthier buildings. ÇEDBİK Chairman of the Board Dr. Duygu Erten, at the signing ceremony she attended in Cape Town on October 18, 2013, stated that as ÇEDBİK, they are very pleased to be a part of this international initiative and that they will pave the way for green transformation in the education sector by leading in this regard in Turkey. The works that will take place in the Turkish leg of the Green Schools project, which will be announced by Hillary Clinton at the GREENBUILD conference to be held in the USA in November, will be announced at the 3rd International Green Buildings Summit.


The Environmentally Friendly Green Buildings Association was established in 2007 to contribute to the development of the construction industry in Turkey in the light of sustainable principles. Acting with the aim of being an umbrella organization for all the stakeholders of the construction sector, the association organizes trainings, panels, conferences and develops exemplary projects and working models for local governments, universities, public and private sectors in order to increase social awareness and encourage the construction sector to produce in the light of sustainable principles. . ÇEDBİK, which has more than 140 members today and contributes significantly to raising awareness in Turkey on sustainable urban transformation, energy efficiency and green building, has the World Green Building Council (WGBC) Full Council Status as of 2012. The association acts with the belief that we will achieve healthier living environments through buildings and settlements built with a holistic approach and sustainability principles in today's increasing ecological problems.

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