Antalya Metropolitan Municipality introduced the Environmental Protection and Control Laboratory, a magnificent facility.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality introduced the Environmental Protection and Control Laboratory, which is a magnificent facility. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has acquired a facility within ASAT with an indoor area of ​​800 square meters and 5 laboratories. With this laboratory, the analysis of samples of drinking water sources, surface waters, wastewater and sea water will be carried out. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Akaydın said, “This facility should be a gift to Antalya. Antalya is in safe hands in terms of health and hygiene,” he said.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akaydın introduced the Environmental Protection and Control Laboratory, which was opened in Hurma within the body of Antalya Water and Wastewater General Directorate (ASAT), to the journalists. Providing information about the laboratory, President Mustafa Akaydın said, “This is a beautiful project that I have dreamed of opening for a long time. He does not have a wife in Turkey. The most important aspect of its beauty is its architectural feature. This laboratory is equipped to provide all kinds of services for environmental health such as biology and chemistry that the municipality may need, and to recognize heavy metals polluting Antalya's sea, metals that can mix with drinking water, and all dangerous substances.

Saying that ASAT is one of the most important institutions of the municipality, Mayor Akaydın continued his speech as follows: “This laboratory was built with an investment of 5 million TL. A laboratory that can threaten Antalya's sea, monitor the threat elements in the region's basin and the residues of pesticides. It is an important investment for the future of Antalya in terms of public health. The water from Hurma Wastewater Facilities is used to irrigate the gardens of these facilities before being discharged into the sea. Wastewater can be made potable in a location where drinking water may be needed.”

Mustafa Akaydın gave the following information: “The Hurma Wastewater Facilities, including this laboratory, were built with an investment of over 100 million TL. Hurma Wastewater Facilities were renewed from A to Z. Its capacity was increased to 1 million 400 thousand. The odor problem in the region has been largely resolved. Electrical energy is obtained in these facilities from the wastewater sludge of Antalya. We obtain electricity from the excrement of Antalya and we save 6 million TL worth of electricity annually. The facility meets 40 percent of its electricity needs on its own. This facility is the biggest financial investment of the Metropolitan Municipality in the last 5 years. The population of the metropolitan is 1 million, the capacity of this facility is 1 million 400 thousand people. If we add the facilities in Lara to 300 thousand, this capacity is sufficient until the central population of Antalya reaches 1 million 700 thousand.”

Mayor Akaydın stated that Antalya will not have a water problem until 2050 and touched on the following issues: “When we took over the Metropolitan Municipality, the sewage capacity was increased to 30 percent, which was 90 percent. Until the elections, this figure will reach 95 percent. ASAT has built 5 kilometers of drinking water in the last 800 years. Laying 250 kilometers of sewer lines. My team has a great share in the two most important investments made in Antalya in the last 20 years. It's a gift to Antalya. Antalya is in very safe hands in terms of health and hygiene. I am proud.”

Metropolitan Mayor Akaydın also visited the SCADA center, which automatically monitors water tanks and pumping stations, together with journalists, and received information from the authorities. President Mustafa Akaydın lost that the sewerage center was managed from a single point and that system malfunctions and promotion centers were controlled from this center without employing any personnel.

Metropolitan Mayor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akaydın also introduced the Gradall construction machine that ASAT bought for stream cleaning to the press. Reminding that there are flood disasters in Antalya, Akaydın stated that one of the most important reasons for the natural phenomenon is the filling of the ditches with plants. Akaydın said that these cleaning works can also be done with human power, but this cleaning takes a lot of time. Mayor Akaydın said, “We are the municipality that owns this device as a municipality in Turkey. DSI has old models. The bucket of this tool can go up to 15 meters away, while it can go down to a depth of 7 meters. After that, we will carry out the rehabilitation of the stream beds in a very practical way. We have taken an important step regarding floods. At the moment, we have focused on the improvement of Sarısu,” he said.



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