New Trend in Azerbaijan, “They Find Healing With Oil Bath”

Crude oil extracted in the Naftalan region of Azerbaijan is used as a source of healing instead of energy. Patients from many countries of the world are trying to find healing with an oil bath. Oil, which is good for skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, is also used in the treatment of many diseases such as joint disease, gynecological diseases and rheumatism. While special treatment methods are applied according to the diseases in the health centers in the region, physical therapy and massages with petroleum are also performed in addition to oil baths.

The health centers, which also serve as hotels and holiday centers, impress with their 5-star comfort and clinical facilities. Patients who come for treatment are first checked by a doctor. The treatment to be applied to the patient is completely under the control of the doctor, from the duration of the oil bath to the oil massage, physical therapy and even the food to be eaten.

While the duration of the oil bath applied to the patients is 10 minutes at the most, care is taken to ensure that the temperature of the oil is the same as the body temperature, that is, between 36 and 38 degrees.

Getting out of crude oil is as difficult as getting into it. Oil-covered areas of the body are first scraped off with the help of a shoehorn. Then the whole body is wiped with a special napkin with higher absorbency than a normal napkin. Finally, the body is completely washed with a special shampoo. Despite all the cleaning procedures, it is not recommended to wear white clothes until a few days after the bath, as a certain amount of petroleum residues remain on the body.

Ejder Ahmedov, who made a statement to the Cihan News Agency (Cihan), said that he had been treated with oil in Naftalan for a week and felt very well. Ahmedov said, “Here, joint pain and skin diseases are treated successfully. The treatment applied is very effective.” said.

Lyudmila Anatolyevna, on the other hand, stated that she was paralyzed due to the severe flu she had 30 years ago, and that she went to many centers in Russia, Germany and China until now. Stating that her body no longer accepts the chemical drugs she uses and that causes allergic symptoms, Anatolyevna said, "I can't tell anyone about the positive developments I experienced after the oil treatment in Naftalan, so that the evil eye does not hurt." said.

Stating that he came from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Sirajeddin Rahimov said that he came to Naftalan because he felt pain in his feet, waist and joints, he had been treated for 14 days and he felt very well.

Making a statement to Cihan, Afet Demirova, the doctor of the Çınar Hotel and Spa Center Polyclinic, said that as a result of the treatment they applied using Naftalan oil, they could easily treat skin diseases, especially joint diseases, rheumatism, nervous diseases, venereal diseases, psoriasis and eczema. Demirova also emphasized that crude oil is very good for allergy-induced asthma in children.

Stating that they do not recommend an oil bath to patients with cardiovascular disease, goiter, and patients with stones in their kidney and gallbladder, Doctor Demirova stated that they also apply massage and cure treatment with Naftalan oil, which is separated from the tar, for these patients.

Asked about the effect of crude oil on the human body, Demirova said that the elements in the oil remained in the human body for 4 months and stopped the inflammation in the body during this time.

Demirova stated that a museum was created from the walking sticks and crutches left by those who came to Naftalan with crutches or walking sticks and returned without needing them, but that the museum in question was destroyed by an unfortunate fire 8 years ago.

Hacı Ömer Özkul, General Manager of Çınar Hotel in Naftalan, stated that their hotel has a capacity of 170 rooms and a 5-star hotel, and that they host guests from various parts of the world, especially psoriasis. Stating that they provide service in all seasons of the year, Özkul stated that their guests also come from Turkey from time to time, adding that there are direct flights to Ganja city of Azerbaijan via Istanbul, and the airport is 45 minutes away from their hotels.

The therapeutic oil, which is only found in 12 wells in the Naftalan Region in the world, was used for the rehabilitation of the most difficult patients in the Soviet Union period.



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