Scientists Find Physical Difference in Male and Female Brains

Scientists Have Found Physical Differences Between Male and Female Brains. Scientists have revealed that different brain structures may be behind the difference in thinking and behavior between the two sexes. The arrangement of nerve connections in men's and women's brains differs, the study found.
A new study has uncovered one of the differences between the male and female brains. The research, published by the US National Academy of Sciences, examined neural connections in a typical male brain. In the study, it was understood that in men, connections between nerves are established between the anterior and posterior sides of the same lobe of the brain.

In the female brain, the nerve connections are mostly arranged from side to side, between the right and left lobes.

The difference in the arrangement of nerve connections is attributed to the fact that men do better in spatial areas such as navigating the map and muscle control, and women do better in verbal areas such as memory and premonition.

Scientists stated that the mental differences between men and women, which could be explained by 'psychological experiments' in the past, could be explained by changes in physical characteristics for the first time.

According to research, physical differences in the connections of nerves in the brain appear during adolescence.

It was stated that detailed brain maps will help to understand the differences in the mentality of men and women, as well as to understand gender-related psychological disorders.

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Source : ntvmsnbc

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