TUBITAK support for the project of the professor from BTU in the field of Polymer

Bursa Technical University (BTU), Faculty of Natural Sciences, Architecture and Engineering, Department of Fiber and Polymer Engineering Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ayşe Bedeloğlu's project proposal entitled 'Development of polymer-based organic photovoltaic fibers and improvement of their properties' was entitled to receive TÜBİTAK support.

Assist. Assoc. Dr. The project, which Bedeloğlu applied for within the scope of TÜBİTAK's 1003 Priority Areas R&D Projects Support Program, Photovoltaic Technologies Development call, was deemed worthy of support by the Engineering Research Support Group of the TÜBİTAK Research Support Programs Presidency and was included in the 2014-2015 Support Program.

At the same time, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ayşe Bedeloğlu, in her statement, underlined that research studies will be carried out with the advanced laboratory facilities created by BTU. Bursa Technical University Chemical Engineering Department faculty member Assist. Assoc. Dr. Stating that researchers from Istanbul Technical, Ege and Yıldız Technical Universities will also participate in the project, where Halit Levent Hoşgün will take part as a researcher, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ayşe Bedeloğlu said the following about the subject and goal of the project: “Energy is a very important element that plays a role in the economic development of countries today. Production, distribution and use in the most appropriate way in terms of efficiency, cost and environmental factors also form the basis of the economic policies that countries follow in the national and international arena. Therefore, within the scope of the project, flexible, light, low-cost solar cells and photovoltaic fibers based on functional nanocomposite materials will be developed. Photovoltaic cells and fibers, which will produce renewable energy, will enable the production of all kinds of photovoltaic effect material structures.
We believe that these products, which can also be used in the military field, will revolutionize the daily lives of people who have to work and live far from electricity sources or who are engaged in outdoor sports. With the use of the products we will obtain within the scope of the project, the electrical energy to be provided will be used both in the operation of electronic devices and in meeting the basic requirements such as heating, cooling and lighting.”

In addition to the projects supported by other institutions, it was stated that this project, which is the seventh project prepared by BTU faculty members and supported by TUBITAK, will last for 24 months and during this period, graduate and doctoral students will be provided with scholarship opportunities within the scope of the project.

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