World's coldest place discovered

The coldest place on earth has been discovered. On the Antarctic continent, the temperature was recorded as -4 degrees in Dome Fuji, which is approximately 91 thousand meters high.

Since -91 degrees Celsius can freeze a person's eyes, nose and even lungs in a few minutes, scientists were able to make measurements thanks to advanced satellite technology.
The center, which carried out the research, stated that since the measurement can be made in an area of ​​only 1 square kilometer, on a stormless day, it is estimated that there are times when the temperature drops even more.

The lowest temperature made before this was measured by Russian scientists as -1983 degrees in 89, again on the Antarctic continent.

Among the inhabited regions, the lowest temperature was recorded as -71 degrees in the Russian village of Oymyakon.



Source : cnnturk

📩 11/12/2013 23:26

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