The number of countries we buy crude oil from is 13. We buy natural gas from 5 countries

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız stated that the number of countries from which Turkey purchases crude oil has increased from 11 to 13, and that they are working to increase the number of countries from which natural gas is purchased from 5 to 6-7.

Yıldız answered questions about the agenda in the live broadcast of TRT Haber.
Yıldız, who made evaluations on energy relations with Northern Iraq and Iraq, stated that they agreed on a tripartite mechanism, which includes Turkey, Northern Iraq and the Central Government, during their meetings in Baghdad and Erbil. Yıldız said, “However, they said 'we'll settle it between ourselves'. It doesn't matter to us, we said 'you deal with it among yourselves'. The ball is in them now. We suggest to Iraq: Share the wealth, not the absence. You can't share something that doesn't exist. There is no need to create tension for this," he said.

Stating that they are trying to increase the diversity of source countries in energy, Yıldız said:

“We increased the number of countries from which we buy crude oil from 11 to 13. We import natural gas from 5 countries, and we are working to increase it to 6-7. We are trying to increase the diversity of countries, energy and routes. Right now our energy supply has become more than demand. In these cold weather conditions, we do not have a problem with natural gas supply. However, there are some daily events. For example, a tanker leaving Nigeria at +25 degrees could not approach Marmara Ereğlisi for 2 days. In this case, there should have been a problem with domestic shipping. But we made up for it elsewhere. For example, last night, a contractor exploded one of the main natural gas pipelines in Denizli while working with a bucket. At night, natural gas became unavailable to one-third of Denizli. This was not foreseen. The repair started immediately, but our contractors also need to be careful. For example, in Şanlıurfa, some friends raid, burn, and destroy the transformer because the electricity is cut off. This process they did to get electricity to the citizens is not correct.”



Source : Ekonomi.haber7

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