We buy cosmetics from the West and sell them to the East…

Most of the cosmetics in Turkey come from Europe, while domestic products are sold to countries such as Iraq, Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan.
According to the strategic plan prepared by the Ministry of Health, Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, the cosmetics industry contributes to the country's economy with its fast-growing dynamic structure. Most of the export of 509 million dollars is made to neighboring countries.

Iraq ranks first in cosmetics exports with 80 million dollars, followed by Iran with 56 million dollars and Russia with 36 million dollars. Azerbaijan, Germany and Romania are also among the export countries.

Turkey's cosmetics imports approached 640 million dollars. France with 138 million dollars, Germany with 111 million dollars, Poland with 86 million dollars, England with 45 million dollars and the USA with 43 million dollars took the highest share, respectively.

Only 10% are local

In the electronic registration system of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of the Ministry of Health, there were 2009 companies in 761, 2010 companies in 990, 2011 companies in 246, and 2012 companies in 764. The number of products registered to the same system was 2009 thousand 33 in 468, 2010 thousand 95 in 361, 2011 thousand 165 in 460 and 2012 thousand 229 in 766.

The number of domestic products registered in the system of the institution was 2009 thousand 7 in 919, 2010 thousand 12 in 442, 2011 thousand 20 in 776 and 2012 thousand 22 in 855.
This means that the proportion of domestic cosmetic products constitutes 10 percent of the total number.

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Source : anatolian agency

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