Pen that can draw three-dimensional objects from Pamukkale University

A pencil prototype that can draw three-dimensional objects was developed in Pamukkale University (PAÜ) Technology Development Zone (Technokent). Scientists working on three-dimensional printer technology, which has just started to be applied in the world, made a pen that allows three-dimensional drawing of objects at PAU Technopolis.

Electrical and Electronics Engineer Ali Boz, who is doing R&D studies at PAU Technokent, said in a statement about the project that the work on the said item has been going on for several years, that they completed the prototype about 4 months ago and presented it to TÜBİTAK as a project.

Pointing out that this pen can be easily used by every individual starting from the age of 10-12 without the need for any computer program, Boz said, “It's almost as if you are touching a hand-held laser. We would like to manufacture this delightful device in Turkey, but we were able to prototype it in the first place. Since we are not known in Turkey, we agreed with a company in the USA. We are negotiating with this company for production.”

Boz explained that the three-dimensional pen, which can draw objects in the air, leaked the fast-drying plastic inside from the tip of the pen to create the desired shape.

Explaining that the pen works like a hot glue gun, Boz said, “The plastic coming out of the pen hardens immediately when it meets the air. It's almost like writing on paper. Whatever we think, we have the chance to draw immediately with the help of a pen. It is also practical as it is hand held. It is possible to use it in almost every field,” he said.

Arguing that in five years, visual three-dimensional education materials will be used instead of the normal pencils and watercolors used by children until now, Boz said, “Our children will now have materials that they can easily touch and write with their hands. We are trying to make this pen available to the education community, engineers, furniture makers, in short, everyone.”

PAU Faculty of Medicine Department of Forensic Medicine Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Bora Boz noted that their aim is to build virtual reality rooms using 3D technology.

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