Developed a system that generates electricity from sound waves

'Sound' has also joined the new methods of obtaining energy. Silicon Valley firm Nirvana Energy Systems has developed a system that generates electricity from sound waves. This system will also reduce household bills. Think of a technology that works with sound and reduces the electricity cost of your home… Yes, it is possible now. Silicon Valley firm Nirvana Energy Systems in the USA has developed a system that generates electricity from sound waves. The company, founded by two Stanford University professors, is commercializing a new way of generating electrical power in homes.

Nirvana has made its effective 'micro-combined heat and power-Micro-CHP (combined heat and power)' system suitable for home use. This system converts gas into electricity, enabling it to be used for hot water and heating. The Micro-CHP system is a small heating engine, which provides all the power for a building, including heating, ventilation, mechanical energy and electrical energy. It is seen as a small version of the cogeneration project used in larger factories.

Working with sound wave
Nirvana Energy's system is expected to find wide use in the replacement of water heaters and boilers around the world. The system is quiet, compact and reduces the cost of energy supplied by the grid. Nirvana's thermo-acoustic Power Stick also supports virtual power grids, reducing the volume of emissions and lowering costs by providing electricity based on traditional grid systems.
Nirvana uses a technology called thermoacoustics that converts sound waves into motion. Yes, this technology works with 'sound'. Nirvana's technology is based on a so-called 'Power Stick' technology developed by Xerox PARC and reconsidered by NASA's Glenn Research Center.

Blow to bills
Lambertus Hesselink, CEO of the company, said, “We use gas as an energy source, but we are not a conventional engine. Thermoacoustic Power Stick has no moving mechanical parts. It has a new and patented system structure. We are currently in the extended testing phase. The Power Stick is over 32 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter. It has the ideal weight to be placed in the kitchen," he said.
Here are the main features of TAPS, abbreviated as Power Stick or Nirvana. It produces 90-1 kilowatt-hours of electrical energy and 4-15 kilowatt-hours of thermal energy with a total system efficiency of 30 percent. James Gibbons, President of Nirvana Energy, said: “The continuous Power Stick reduces energy bills by enabling users to generate their own electricity. It provides enough heat for hot water and heating in the house,” he said.

Our inventor did it in 2010!
There are also attempts to generate energy from sound waves in Turkey. Three years ago, Muhammed Enes Gebel, a high school student from Kahramanmaraş, produced electricity from sound waves.
The device, which weighs 8 kilograms, made of copper, drew attention with its similarity to the human ear. Expressing that he will continue his studies on energy, Gebel gave the following information: “The energy contained in the sound of daily conversations, which seems simple to people, contains enough energy for a room full of particles to vibrate. My aim is to transform this energy contained in sound waves into usable electrical energy. Sound builds pressure on the human ear, and loud sound contains energy with the visible vibration of objects around us.”



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