TEB Intellectual Idea Contest is waiting for inventive ideas, deadline 15 January 2014

Applications are accepted in the field of Technological Entrepreneurship, which took place for the first time this year in the Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) Idea Contest. University students, new graduates, TEB customers and technological entrepreneurs are expected to apply until January 15 to the competition, where creative projects can now also participate in the field of technological entrepreneurship.

According to the TEB statement, the seventh edition of the TEB Intellectual Idea Contest, which the bank launched with the slogan "Inventions," in order to bring innovative ideas and creative projects to the sector, has started. The "Technological Entrepreneur Category" has been added to the competition, which has been held in two different categories for the last six years, as "University Student - New Graduate Category" and "Customer Category" and where innovative projects in the field of banking applied.

In the TEB Intellectual Ideas Competition, where university students and recent graduates are evaluated in one category and TEB customers are evaluated in a separate category regarding banking products and services, ideas and projects on all kinds of banking and finance compete. Students from all departments of universities, young professionals and TEB customers can apply to these categories.

Launching Turkey's most comprehensive Venture Banking movement to bring entrepreneurs with innovative ideas into the country's economy, TEB provides all kinds of support to entrepreneurs, from turning ideas into business to finding capital. With the TEB Entrepreneurship House opened in Istanbul, the ideas and projects that stand out in this field, together with the Technological Entrepreneurship category, took place for the first time this year in the TEB Intellectual Ideas Competition, which stands by innovative and creative minded entrepreneurs and fully supports these entrepreneurs with the “consultant bank” approach. TEB aims to bring money to the Venture House.

TEB Intellectual Idea Contest paves the way for new ideas and projects in many fields, from new products and services to efficiency, from campaigns to new technologies, in the financial sector as well as in the field of technological entrepreneurship. Participants can apply by entering “www.icatcikar.com”, the website of the competition, until January 15, 2014.

In addition to the award of 20 thousand TL for the first place, 10 thousand TL for the second, and 5 thousand TL for the third in the “University Student - Fresh Graduate” category, all participants who succeed in being in the top 3 in the category are also entitled to receive free MBA education at Bahçeşehir University.

The winner in the customer category is entitled to participate in the French Open Tennis Tournament, Roland Garros, in addition to a prize of 20 thousand TL. The TEB customer who comes in second gets a prize of 10 thousand TL, and the third place gets a prize of 5 thousand TL. The winner of the Technological Entrepreneur category wins 20 thousand TL, the second 10 thousand TL, and the third 5 thousand TL. The top five finalists in this category get the right to participate in TEB Startup House.

FOR APPLICATION  http://www.icatcikar.com/root/default.aspx



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