“Thrace Should Be Considered About Alternative Energy”

It has been reported that the agriculture and livestock infrastructure of Thrace can be evaluated in terms of bioenergy. Due to the depletion of non-renewable energy sources, the interest in alternative energy sources is increasing day by day. In Turkey, as well as in the world, projects are being developed and important investments are made in order to use alternative energy sources such as wind and solar energy more effectively.

Şenol Filiz, Director of the Thrace Development Union (TRAKAB), told Anadolu Agency (AA) that energy resources will run out one day.

Stating that alternative energy sources have a very important place in the world, Filiz stated that especially renewable energy sources attract the attention of large countries.

Stating that they have implemented projects in line with EU standards in many places in Thrace with EU funds, Filiz said:

“Considering the agriculture and livestock infrastructure in Thrace, forest, agricultural and animal wastes can be evaluated as bioenergy. Bioenergy is mostly used in countries such as Germany, Brazil and Bulgaria. We have informed our producers and members about this issue. We went to facilities abroad. Biogas-bioenergy production was investigated in situ. They all saw what kind of financial gain the producers would gain from this kind of energy production.”

Filiz emphasized that cooperatives and large farms should come together in order to establish facilities for bioenergy.

Stating that animal manure, straw, corn or leaves falling from trees in parks are collected in these facilities and after being humused in tanks, biogas is obtained from humus in silos, Filiz said that biogas is burned in converter generators and energy is obtained.

Filiz stated that future-oriented investments are made in many parts of the world in renewable energy sources such as wind, water and bioenergy.

Stating that as TRAKAB, they have implemented projects in the fields of tourism, agriculture and culture that are in line with the interests of the region, Filiz noted that investment and research projects continue.



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