White House Award for Projects Developed by Turkish Students on "Efficient Energy"

Award from the White House for the Projects Developed by Turkish Students on “Efficient Energy”. Two Turkish students, Cengiz Onbaşlı and Defne Gürel, who continue their education at MIT in the USA, won the first prize in two categories at the "Better Buildings" competition organized by the US Department of Energy at the White House. .

The "Better Buildings" Contest, held at the White House, aims to halve US President Barack Obama's energy waste in homes and businesses by 2030. Former Minister of Energy, winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics, Dr. The best universities in the USA participate in the competition, which is started by Steven Chu and organized every year.


In the competition, in which projects prepared to increase the energy efficiency of buildings were selected, the MIT team, which included two Turkish students, won first place in two categories, the "Best Project Proposal Award" and the "Most Innovative Solution Award". Teams from 14 different universities participated in this year's competition. The MIT team, which includes Mehmet Onbaşlı, who is continuing his doctoral studies at MIT after graduating from Bilkent University, and Defne Gürel, who has completed a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and Management Sciences at MIT after graduating from Bilkent High School, is a creative team that can be used as a model for workplaces. won the “Best Project Proposal Award” with their clean energy solutions.


The students, who took an active leadership role in the team, were awarded the “Most Innovative Solution Award” for the methods they developed for energy efficiency and for the adoption of innovations and changes for energy efficiency, even in a politically conservative city that is closed to change.



source : hurriyet

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