In Turkey, there is a loss of electricity equivalent to 5 nuclear power plants.

In Turkey, there are losses and theft equivalent to 5 nuclear power plants. The cost of building 5 nuclear power plants is 75 billion dollars. The cost of preventing theft is 10 billion dollars.
Akdeniz University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Lecturer Asst. Assoc. Dr. Niyazi Demircan stated that only lost and illegal electricity in Turkey is equivalent to the production of approximately 5 nuclear power plants.
Assist. Assoc. Dr. According to Demircan's statement, approximately 50 thousand megawatts of electricity is produced per hour in Turkey. However, since the existing energy transmission lines are insufficient, the energy produced suffers losses until it reaches the consumption points. With the addition of illegal uses to these, a serious waste of energy emerges. About 25 percent of the electricity produced is wasted due to loss or leakage. This means 10 thousand -2 thousand 500 megawatts of electricity.


“This is an abnormal situation,” Demircan said, and made an interesting cost calculation: “Technically, it is not possible to reset losses and leaks, but it can be reduced to 5 percent. Loss and illegal use in developed countries is at these rates. By reducing the loss and leakage rates, the electricity to be consumed will be at least 7 megawatts. Considering that a nuclear power plant produces 500 megawatts of electricity per hour, the seriousness of the situation becomes clearer. In Turkey, only the cost of lost and illegal electricity is equivalent to the production of 1500 nuclear power plants. 5 nuclear power plants cost about 5 billion dollars. The work to be done to prevent loss and illegal use is approximately 75 billion dollars. Moreover, the construction of the nuclear power plant will take at least 10 years. These studies, on the other hand, can be terminated in as little as 10 or 1 years.”
Drawing attention to the fact that each megawatt of electricity becomes more valuable as Turkey is an energy importing country, Demircan stated that it is important to raise awareness of consumers about the use of energy as well as to prevent loss and leakage.



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