6 years limit to finish university! YÖK rolled up its sleeves to bring back expulsion

6 years limit to finish university! YÖK rolled up its sleeves to bring back the expulsion. It has been learned that YÖK has started work on the new regulation, which the Prime Minister gave the signal. The regulation that removes the expulsion was introduced 2 years ago
After the amnesty in 2010, the government and YÖK abolished the expulsion from the university and renounced this regulation on the grounds that it "could not be implemented" and "caused problems in education". YÖK has started a study to limit the duration of university studies.

It was learned that the reason for the work of YÖK was the complaints from the rectors. Rectors said, “We can't make any plans. Even the number of our students is not clear and certain. Some of the registered students do not come that year” and complained to YÖK about the current system. It was stated that about 4 thousand of the 400 million 800 thousand students studying at universities are in this situation and they do not go to school even though they are registered. The rectors said, “People who have relations with terrorist organizations wander around the campuses with their student identity and guide students without going to class. It was also stated that they voiced the criticism that these people cannot be expelled from the school.

Preparation+6 years
According to the work of YÖK, the student will not have unlimited rights. After the preparatory class, 4-year departments take 6 years, 5-year departments 7 years; 6-year departments will have to complete in 8 or 9 years.

It's been 2 years since the law was passed

With the regulation made in February 2011, university students were amnesty and expulsion was abolished. Except for those convicted of terrorist crimes, the way to return to universities has been opened for those who have been dismissed from higher education institutions. Students who have been dismissed for any reason in all classes, including preparatory classes in higher education institutions, can apply within 5 months after the law is passed and start their education again in the 2011-2012 academic year. had been arranged. After the legal regulation, the expulsion was also abolished. YÖK also issued regulations that paved the way for students to become students for many years by paying double or triple contribution.



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