150-year-old intestine solved the secret...

150-year-old intestinal secret has been solved… Canadian and Australian scientists managed to map the gene of the bacterium that caused cholera for the first time thanks to the 150-year-old intestine. He reached the gene map from . Scientists examining the tissues of the person who lost his life, stored in the history of medicine museum in Philadelphia, came across the first roots of this bacterium. After mapping the gene, the scientists identified these roots as "El Tor." He also acquired data (information) about the differences between the modern roots of the leading bacterium.

Noting that it is very difficult to examine the bacteria in old samples, since it reaches the intestines and does not leave DNA traces in the bones, one of the scientists, Dr. Hendrik Poinar emphasized that understanding the development of infectious disease sheds light on how the disease progresses over time, the factors that lead to increased human-to-human transmission, and that the results of the research allow for the development of better treatments and measures. The results of the research were published in the "New England Journal of Medicine". caused the death of millions of people in the 19th century. The disease still continues to take lives in poor countries. According to the World Health Organization, 3 million-5 million new cases are encountered every year around the world, 100 thousand-120 thousand people die due to this disease.

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