New Amendments to Environmental Measurement and Analysis Laboratories Competence Regulation

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will use the existing 160 laboratories in Turkey more effectively with the amendment made in the 'Environmental Measurement and Analysis Laboratories Competence Regulation'. It has been stated that these laboratories, which have received a certificate of authorization upon the request of the Ministry, can carry out measurements and analysis immediately, and that the authorization of environmental laboratories that fill 2 penalty points within 200 years will be revoked for at least 2 months.

With the amendment made in the 'Environmental Measurement and Analysis Laboratories Qualification Regulation', environmental laboratories are obliged to perform the analyzes and measurements requested by the ministry in case of environmental disasters that may occur in public areas, without waiting for any action regarding the analysis cost. Thus, laboratories will immediately start measurements without delay. In order to inform the public and to emphasize that the laboratories are authorized and under the control of the Ministry, it has been made obligatory to include the Ministry's logo on the exterior signs of the laboratories with the competency certificate. In the new regulation, the criteria of the personnel to work in the laboratory were also changed and the analysis and measurement quality was increased.

The personnel who will carry out measurement and analysis in laboratories, engineering, medicine, science, veterinary and fisheries faculties of universities, vocational high schools of vocational high schools or technical high schools, chemistryIt was required to graduate from departments related to laboratory such as food, health, machinery and electricity/electronics.

In addition, penalty points were imposed on environmental laboratories that violated the legislation. Environmental laboratories that have completed 2 penalty points within 200 years will be revoked for at least 2 months. Environment and Urbanization Minister İdris Güllüce said that environmental measurement and analysis infrastructure is a necessity for establishing environmental policies, activating inspections and a sustainable environmental management. Minister Güllüce stated that the Environment Reference Laboratory of the Ministry provides an effective service and develops itself more and more each day, and that the private sector will make laboratory services more effective under the coordination of the Ministry with new regulations.



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