“Drinking too much water can cause serious health problems”

Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Nephrology, Professor. Dr. Mustafa Balal said that drinking more water than necessary for a healthy life can cause serious health problems.
Explaining that each person's daily water need differs according to conditions such as air temperature and eating habits, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Balal stated that drinking water when thirsty is enough.

Stating that there are false beliefs among the public such as 'it is healthy to drink a lot of water', 'at least 3 liters of water should be drunk daily', 'you should only take water as water' and 'the ayran you drink does not replace water', Prof. Dr. Mustafa Balal noted that the rhetoric of "make your kidney work for a lot of water", especially for kidney patients, is not very true.
prof. Dr. Balal said, “Because the organ that removes most of the water we drink from our body is the kidney. If you have kidney failure, this water will not be removed. Accumulating water in the body causes edema, high blood pressure and heart failure in the future, and a decrease in salt in the body. "These are serious health problems," he said.
Expressing that water is life and being without water will cause problems, Prof. Dr. Balal said:

“It should be known that excess water is also harmful. It is actually very unlikely for an adult, sane person to be dehydrated. As the amount of water decreases, our body warns us with the feeling of thirst and we drink water.
The tea, juices, soup, yoghurt, fruit you drink are water. For example, if you are eating watermelon, you are getting water. It is enough to drink 1.5 liters of water daily. These include water-rich foods such as soup, fruit, and yogurt. So it should not be evaluated as just water. We have to accept it all as water.
For example, someone sitting in a dry and cool environment under the air conditioner has different water needs than someone who works outside by sweating. Here the feeling of thirst should be trusted. Only because of illness, our elderly patients, those with diseases that cause excessive urine output and children in infancy cannot express their need for water. For this, we should drink water when thirsty. Drinking too much water for health can cause serious health problems. Care must be taken in this regard.”



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