“Everyone should have a tetanus vaccine every 10 years”

"Everyone should have a tetanus vaccine every 10 years" Stating that tetanus does not only pass through a rusty nail, Turkish Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (KLİMİK) Association General Secretary Prof. Dr. Funda Timurkaynak said that everyone is open to the risk of tetanus, so vaccination should be done every 10 years.

"We should take care of our own vaccination as much as our children," said the Secretary General of the Turkish Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (KLİMİK) Association, Prof. Dr. Funda Timurkaynak stated that adults, especially those over the age of 50 in the risk group, pregnant women, diabetes, heart, chronic lung patients and people with organ transplants should have flu and pneumonia vaccines, and added that hepatitis AB and tetanus vaccines are also vaccines that should not be neglected.

Reminding that the vaccine against tetanus, which is manifested by the constant painful contraction of the muscles and can be fatal, was made during the last primary school education, Timurkaynak said: “The spores of the tetanus microbe are found in an airless, dusty environment and in the soil. For example, people can get the spores of the tetanus bacteria in the soil by falling under a dent in an earthquake, being thrown out of the vehicle in a traffic accident, rolling on the ground, falling from a construction site, or cutting their hand while working with the soil. Although the treatment of the disease is more satisfactory in the early period, the treatment period may take longer than 6 months in order to restore muscle strength. At the end of this period, people can fully recover or remain on a ventilator. If the patient's treatment is delayed, unfortunately, it can result in death. In order to prevent all these from happening, we need to pay attention to vaccination. Tetanus doesn't just go through a rusty nail, as most of our citizens think, everyone is at risk for tetanus. Every injury contaminated by soil and dust can lead us to this disease. That's why everyone should have a tetanus vaccine every 10 years."

Expressing that it is also important for the health of their babies, especially for women to have the vaccine in question, Timurkaynak emphasized that if the baby has to be delivered in an unclean and dirty environment, the baby may be exposed to the tetanus microbe and cannot be protected in the absence of antibodies passed from the mother.

Emphasizing the importance of people getting information about the diseases in the countries they will visit before they travel abroad, Timurkaynak said, “Physicians, who know which microbes you need to be protected against during your domestic and international travels, are infectious disease specialists. You should consult an infection specialist not only when you have a fever, when an infection develops, but also for protection and to take precautions.

Commenting on the flu epidemic caused by the H3N2 virus, which has been experienced recently, Timurkaynak added that there is no cause for panic, and that it is one of the flu epidemics that occur every year.

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