The Chemical Sector Has the Most Appropriation in Manufacturing Investments of the Public

The Chemistry Sector Has The Most Appropriation In The Manufacturing Investments Of The Public. The sector in which the public has allocated the most funds for manufacturing industry investments this year was chemistry with 308,5 million liras. According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the “2014 Year Program” prepared by the Ministry of Development, the total appropriation allocated for manufacturing industry investments covering 10 sectors was increased by 2013 percent compared to 14,1 and reached approximately 780 million liras.

While the largest appropriation among the sectors was allocated to the chemical sector with 308,5 million TL, the amount of appropriation increased by 12,3% compared to the previous year. Within the chemistry sector, the highest allocation was made to the General Directorate of ETİ Mining, with 270 million liras. While the chemistry sector was followed by food with 154,2 million lira, 55 million lira was allocated to the General Directorate of Tea Enterprises. While the iron-steel sector is the 115rd sector with the highest allocation of 3 million liras, the entire appropriation will be used for the investments of the Machinery and Chemistry Industry Corporation.

The highest appropriation increase is in iron and steel

When evaluated in terms of appropriation increase rates, the first sector in this sense was iron and steel. The appropriation allocated for the sector, which has a share of around 15 percent from the total appropriation allocated for the manufacturing industry, has been increased by 2013 percent compared to 64,3. Iron and steel was followed by non-electric machinery with 12,7% and chemistry with 12,3%. While the appropriation allocated for tobacco and its products, textile and clothing sectors remained unchanged, the appropriation allocated for the printing industry and electrical machinery sectors decreased. The appropriation (thousand TL) allocated by the public for manufacturing industry investments within the framework of the 2014 program and the rate of change compared to the previous year are as follows:

Chemistry 274.600 308.500 12,3
Food 142.950 154.236 7,9
Iron and Steel 70.000 115.000 64,3
Non-electric machines 71.000 80.000 12,7
Railway vehicle industry 50.500 53.500 5,9
Printing industry 35.600 33.530 -5,8
Standardization and quality 24.500 25.400 3,7
Electric machine 10.000 5.500 -45
Tobacco and its products 4.000 4.000 0 Textiles and clothing 200 200 0

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