The Chinese, who set up fake companies in the chemical industry, harm Turkish companies

Chinese scammers haunted Turkish companies. Chinese vigilantes, who set up fake companies in the chemical industry, send factory waste instead of the order they receive. The damage is estimated at $800 million.

Turkish companies, which have recently imported chemical products from China, are experiencing a great shock. The reason for this is that Turkish companies send factory waste or useless chemicals to them instead of orders from China. Hundreds of complaints are pouring in to the Ministry of Economy about the situation. Making a statement to STAR on the subject, Murat Akyüz, President of the Istanbul Chemical Exporters' Association (İKMİB), stated that the Chinese fraudsters tricked Turkish importers with fake companies. Saying that this situation has been going on for a long time, Akyüz stated that it has increased in the last period.

They sprout like mushrooms

Stating that fake companies like mushrooms are emerging in China, Akyüz said that Turkish companies prefer such fake companies because they offer cheap prices. He said that the product shown or sent during the agreement was of the quality requested by the company, but after receiving the order and transferring the money to the account, they sent a fake or factory waste product. Akyüz said, “The samples sent are of very high quality. However, the event occurs after the products arrive in Turkey with containers. It is generally placed at the back of the containers so that they cannot be controlled.” Akyüz stated that 8 billion dollars of chemical imports are made from China annually, and that such fraudulent events are encountered in 10 percent of this figure.

China accepted the situation.

The Ministry of Economy also warned companies after the increase in complaints. In its warning to companies through chambers of industry, the Ministry cited the warning letter from Shanghai Commercial Attaché as an example. The Ministry stated that it has accepted that it has been determined that in the exports to Turkey from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jingsu and Anhui, which are in the duty area of ​​the Consulate General of Shanghai, it has been determined that materials that are different from the order specification or that are waste quality are sent, especially in chemical products. The Ministry said to the companies, "We find it useful to warn Turkish companies to have one of their staff ready during the loading process or to get this service from reliable inspection companies operating in China."



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