A new method in stem cell studies "Acid Bath"

A new method in stem cell studies “Acid Bath” In the treatment of many diseases in the medical world, news from that field is carefully followed. Stem cells… Japanese scientists developed a new method in that field. The new method is the acid bath. If proven successful, it will be cheaper and easier to develop stem cells.

A ray of hope in the treatment of many diseases, especially cancer. Stem cells…

It is difficult to develop. Current methods are either controversial or have low success rates. That's why a news from Japan excited the scientific world.

Japanese scientists developed a method that is simpler, faster and less costly than existing methods.

The acid method… According to experts, the research published in the journal nature may revolutionize the field of stem cells.

One of the available methods is stem cells derived from embryo. This method is ethically controversial. The other is the reprogramming of adult cells taken from the skin or blood.

but this is also a process that takes weeks, the level of success is low..

With the method developed by Japanese scientists, cells taken from the skin or blood are subjected to an acid bath for 30 minutes. And it takes the form of a stem cell in 3 days.

The method has been tested on mice for now. Stem cells gave positive results.

Haruko Obokat, leader of the Japanese research team. The name that laid the foundations of the study.

The acid method first came to mind at Harvard Medical School 5 years ago, but his papers were repeatedly turned down.

Stem cells play a critical role in cancer treatment and new organ production.

Experts emphasize that if the success of this new method is proven, a new era may begin in the medical world and personalized medical solutions may come into play.

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