Scary claim! The poles can reverse...

Scary claim! The poles can reverse…Scientists, stating that the Earth's magnetic field is weakening, warned that the poles may reverse. Stating that the earth's magnetic field has weakened by 200 percent in the last 15 years, scientists stated that this may mean that the north and south poles will shift.

Scientists also announced that if the poles shifted, solar winds would open holes in the earth's ozone layer, damage power lines, affect weather conditions, and increase cancer rates.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Liverpool University Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences professor Richard Holme stated that the displacement of the poles will seriously affect people's lives, and said, “Imagine that your electricity is cut off for a few weeks. Few things work without electricity today,” he explained.
According to the British Geological Survey, the earth's magnetic field changes poles 4 or 5 times per million years. Experts stated that we are in such a period, but they are not sure when the change will occur.

According to a study conducted in Denmark, scientists announced that they believe that global warming is related to the magnetic field, rather than carbon dioxide emissions. The study claims that as less cosmic rays enter the atmosphere, the earth is entering a natural period of low cloud cover.

Estimating that if the poles are reversed, the level of radiation on earth will also increase and cancer cases will increase due to exposure to cosmic radiation, researchers predict that 100 thousand people may die each year due to increased radiation.
Dr. Mullard Space Sciences Lab. Colin Forsyth, stating that three spacecraft were sent in November to make a more comprehensive map of the earth's magnetic field, said, "Although we have basic information about the interior of the earth, there is still a lot we don't know.

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