The tests were successful The countdown has begun for the mass production of Boron Added Etimatik

The tests were successful. The countdown has begun for the mass production of Boron Added Etimatik. Mass production is started in the 'boron-added detergent' project, which was implemented within the framework of R&D studies carried out by the General Directorate of Etibor with the aim of expanding the usage areas of boron.

Etibor General Directorate started work to start mass production after positive results were obtained from the tests of boron added detergent. The production of the machine called “MIX” was started in Bandırma for the detergent project, which was started 2 years ago for the use of boron in end products. One of the machines manufactured entirely by Turkish workers and engineers in Bandırma factories for use in Eskişehir was delivered to Eskişehir. The production of the second machine continues.

Etibor Operations Manager Recep Şekerci, who resigned from his duty to be a candidate for the mayorship of Bandırma, stated that the work for the production of boron-based detergents started about 2 years ago, and said, “We started this project with Etibor General Manager Orhan Yılmaz and our R&D unit supervisor Nuray Demirel. After determining the formula of the detergent, we made thousands of experiments by purchasing fabrics in Bandırma. In these experiments, we carried out tests by pouring difficult stains such as grass, juice, oil on the same fabric. The detergent we produce has passed these tests successfully. It was also subjected to tests in cities such as Ankara and İzmir. After successfully passing these tests, the production of machines called MIX, which will produce on a small scale in order to meet urgent demands, was started.

Saying that in addition to boron substance, X substances, whose formula is kept secret, will be used in the detergent to be produced in Bandırma and Eskişehir factories, Şekerci said, “Boron detergent will be produced in the factories to be established in Bandırma and Eskişehir. Approximately 250 thousand tons of boron material will be processed in two factories, each with a capacity of 360 thousand tons.

Şekerci added that the project continues to be included in the 2014 investment program so that the boron detergent can start mass production, and that production can be started in April if it is accepted by the State Planning Organization (DPT).
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