A New Solution for Agriculture from Akdeniz University Chemistry Department

New Solution for Agriculture from Akdeniz University Chemistry Department. A group of scientists at Akdeniz University produced an environmentally friendly fertilizer solution mixture that can combat plant pests in greenhouses and open agriculture areas, leaving no residue on vegetables and fruits.

Akdeniz University Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry faculty member Prof. Dr. Mixtures called 'Greencop' and 'Greencop-pro' produced by Ertuğrul Arpaç and his team were tested in greenhouses and open agriculture fields for 2 years. Stating that this product is effective against bacterial diseases and nematodes (round worms), which are the biggest problems of the farmer, Prof. Dr. "Patented, registered mixtures named Greencop and Greencop-pro, which were licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture, were tested on all kinds of fruit trees in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Aegean regions, in greenhouses and open agricultural areas." Noting that healthier vegetables and fruits can be produced with this product, Prof. Dr. Arpaç stated that no residue was observed in the analyzes carried out in neutral laboratories and it came out clean.

Making a sample about the product, Prof. Dr. Arpaç stated that if there is a nematode in a field where 1500 kilograms of cucumber is normally harvested, the product will automatically decrease to 500 kilograms or it may be lost completely, and that if the new mixture is used, pest control is given and the product can reach 2 kilograms in the same area after 3-1500 weeks. Stating that photosynthesis increases where the mixture is used, the plant grows in a shorter time. Dr. Ertuğrul Arpac said, “It has also been determined that there is no risk of flower spillage. It was seen that the root of the plant was more alive, lively and fringed.”

prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Arpaç stated that the new mixture is a liquid fertilizer and said, “Greencop and Greencop-pro, which show high efficiency at low dosage, do not have any toxic effects. It supplies the copper needed by the plants. Greencop is used from the leaf in the fight against bacteria. Greencop-pro is used with drip irrigation system against nematodes. It protects the plant for a month.”

Stating that all pesticides to combat plant pests in the agricultural sector are brought from abroad, Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Arpac continued his words as follows: “All of the drugs used against pests such as bacteria and nematodes are brought from abroad. It costs the country's economy 8-10 billion dollars every year. The agro-pharmaceutical industry was under the control of foreign companies until we produced this mixture. We produced this mixture in liquid format as a result of 2 years of work with my team in the laboratories of Akdeniz University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry. Thus, we believe that we will contribute millions of dollars to the national economy.”



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