Losing Scientists in Germany.

Losing Scientists in Germany. It has been reported that the situation in Germany is not good at all in terms of having the best scientists worldwide. In Spiegel magazine, some information was published from an expert report prepared by the 'Innovation and Research Experts Commission, which has not been announced to the public until now. The report, prepared by 6 economics professors appointed by the federal government, will be presented to Chancellor Angela Merkel this week.

The report noted that the best scientists migrated out of Germany, and even if some of them returned, good researchers of the same quality could not be regained. Experts wrote that Germany is not very attractive for top researchers, and they also criticized the multimillion-euro programs implemented to get outgoing researchers to come back.

Despite all the efforts of Germany, the number of scientists who left Germany between 1996 and 2011 was 4 more than those who came. Positive results were obtained in countries in Europe such as Switzerland, Austria, Sweden or Belgium. The pool of scientists in these countries has constantly increased with new enrollment, and they have ensured that the best scientists who have left are back in their countries. The US and Switzerland employed half of the total scientists who went outside of Germany.

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