They Will Generate Energy From The Power Of The Waves With The Carpet System Prepared For The Sea Floor

They will produce energy from the power of waves with the carpet system prepared for the sea floor. Many universities and organizations around the world are working on different systems in order to obtain energy from the power of waves. University of California, Berkeley researchers, who participated in this subject with the prototype seafloor carpet they prepared, set out with the inspiration they got from muddy sea bottoms (they are known for absorbing the power of ocean waves).

The system, which basically consists of a carpet made of rubber material, creates an upward and downward oscillation according to the movements of the waves, and the hydraulic actuators (a kind of motor that moves with hydraulic fluid pressure) under the carpet can generate energy from these movements. Stating that in real life uses, a 1 square meter seafloor carpet system can produce enough electricity for two households, and a 100 square meter system can produce as much electricity as a 6,400 square meter solar power plant, the researchers emphasize the durability and efficiency of the system.

It is said that the seafloor carpet system, which is currently being tried within the scope of the university, will be transferred to the real ocean environment for testing purposes in the next 2 years and will be ready for commercial use in the next 10 years. You can easily see the working logic of the system with the help of the video below.

energy from sea waves


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