Foundations are also getting into solar energy

Foundations are also entering solar energy. Having determined that they have large lands they do not use throughout Turkey, the Foundations took action to produce and sell solar energy. A company called Vakıf Energy will be established to generate energy on lands that are not suitable for agriculture and other uses. Eyes on the Council of Ministers.

The General Directorate of Foundations is preparing to enter the energy sector. The General Directorate will use the lands in many parts of Turkey that are not suitable for agriculture or any other activity to generate solar energy.
Foundations General Manager Adnan Ertem stated that they have drawn solar maps of Turkey and determined that it is appropriate to use the vacant lands belonging to Vakıflar to generate solar energy.
Stating that if the Council of Ministers approves the work, they will establish a company called 'Vakıf Energy' as the General Directorate of Foundations, Ertem said that the company will also start working on establishing a solar energy facility.


Expressing that the work will be presented to Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç in charge of foundations in the coming days, Ertem said that Arınç will also present the project to the Council of Ministers. According to the information given by Ertem, the company will establish the system to generate electricity from solar energy on large foundation lands in İzmir, Karaman, Kayseri and Eskişehir. The energy obtained will also be sold.
Ertem said, "In case of a negative decision from the Council of Ministers, the lands can be leased to investors for energy production."


Emphasizing that the General Directorate of Foundations is an institution that earns its own income without receiving any contribution from the treasury, Ertem said:
“We have a lot of unused, vacant land across the country. There is land, investors cannot find land, we have land and we cannot use it. Energy is the most important and popular investment of recent days, while we were thinking about what we can do to increase the income of foundations, we saw that we could do the energy business. In the first place, the solar energy business is efficient. Eskişehir, İzmir, Kayseri, Karaman are efficient places in terms of solar energy. The business, the company will be ours, and the capital will be 7% owned by us. With the income, foundation works will be done. The important thing is that such investments pay for itself in 8-XNUMX years, we have lands and we do not use them. These are not agricultural lands either.”
Ertem added that Vakıf Energy company will be able to do business in different fields such as oil and wind energy in the following periods.



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