We Spent $260 Million on Cosmetics

We spent 260 million dollars on cosmetics. Imports of cosmetic products, which are an integral part of women's lives, reached $2013 million 259 thousand as of the end of 631. According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), 66 percent of cosmetic material imports last year, make-up materials, It consisted of skin creams, perfumes and hair dyes.

Imports of make-up materials and skin creams amounted to 50,5 million dollars as of the end of last year. Imports of hair dyes were recorded as 45,8 million dollars, perfume imports as 39 million dollars and eye makeup products as 36,5 million dollars.

Deodorant is from Germany, lipstick is from Poland

A total of 24,2 million dollars was imported for deodorants, which are among the most used cosmetic products. The country with the highest amount of deodorant import was Germany with $9,8 million.

The money coming out of the country for lipstick, another product that women keep with them, was calculated as 12,7 million dollars. Poland took the top spot in lipstick imports with 4,3 million dollars.

$13,6 million for depilatories

Another cosmetic product, depilatory, was worth $13,6 million in imports. The largest import for depilatories was from France with 6 million dollars.

Last year, 4,3 million dollars of blush, 4,7 million dollars of brushes used in the application of cosmetic products and 3,6 million dollars of tweezers were imported. Thus, the money paid for the import of cosmetic products was recorded as 260 million dollars.

As of the end of 2013, the import amount (thousand dollars) of 12 cosmetic products and the countries with the highest imports are as follows:

Import item Amount Country
Other products for beauty, make-up, skin care, manicure, pedicure 50.509 France
Eye cosmetics 36.476 Germany
Lip cosmetics 4.371 Germany
Perfumes 38.926 France
Body lotions 20.326 Germany
Lipstick 12.738 Poland
Blush 4.289 Italy
Depilatories 13.683 France
Hair dyes 45.787 Germany
Body deodorants 24.225 Germany
Brush 4.747 China
Tweezers 3.554 China
Total 259.631

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Source : cnnturk

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