Applications for Free and Job Guaranteed Nuclear Engineering Started.

Applications for Free and Job Guaranteed Nuclear Engineering Started. Akkuyu Nuclear Power Santrali Elektrik Üretim AŞ will send 100 students from Turkey to Moscow MEPhI University to receive job-guaranteed and scholarship education. He will study at the Institute of Engineering.

1 students will be selected among Turkish citizens studying in the 2st, 3nd, 4rd and 100th grades of all departments of science, literature and engineering faculties of universities in Turkey, where physics or mathematics courses are taught. Written and oral exams will be given to students who will be sent to Russia, and those who are successful in the exam will receive free nuclear engineering education.

Applications for the exam until April 11 “http://www.akkunpp.comIt will be done by filling out the form on the internet address. No fee will be charged for the application.

The written exam will be held on April 19 at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, at 13.30. 600 applicants will be invited to take the written exam, which will be determined by taking into account the entrance score to be placed in the university. Candidates who are successful in the first 300 in the written exam and are entitled to take the oral exam.” will be announced on the website. The first 300 people will then be called for the oral exam.

– MEPhI training program

Students who are entitled to participate in education in Russia will see an undergraduate education program or a specialist training program. Students who have completed the undergraduate education program will be able to continue the 2-year graduate program according to their success and the required staff list for Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant.

Students who have completed the specialization training program will be able to participate in the 6-month graduate program according to their success and the staff list required for Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. All students studying in the training programs will do theoretical and practical internship training in nuclear power plants in Russia according to the training programs in the summer term. In the first year, students will also be taught Russian. Students who successfully complete the training programs will undergo practical training at Rosatom's training centers and internships at operating nuclear power plants in Russia.

- Job opportunity

Students who complete their education in Russia will do compulsory service at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, twice the duration of their education, after the internship at the nuclear power plants. In addition, students who will be given a round-trip flight ticket to Ankara-Moscow once a year will stay in dormitories with rooms for 2-3 people. Housing will also be provided during the internship period after graduation. In addition, during the education period, students will be paid a monthly scholarship of 500 dollars and health insurance will be taken out by taking into account the general health insurance coverage applied to foreign students in Russia.

Currently, 190 Turkish students are studying in the field of nuclear energy at MEPhi. 78 people are studying in the preparatory class, 64 people in the 1st grade and 48 people in the 2nd grade. Turkey's expert staff training program for the nuclear energy sector is carried out within the framework of the agreement signed between Russia and Turkey on 12 May 2010.



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