Applications continue for the 2nd Innovation Contest organized by Royal Halı.

Applications continue for the 2nd Innovation Contest organized by Royal Halı. The interest in the Innovation Contest, organized for the second time this year by Royal Halı, which makes a difference in carpet business with its innovations and investments in R&D, is increasing. Applications started to be received on January 2, 13, and within 2013 days, domestic and international demands poured in, and the number of applications exceeded 18.
The competition, which is an indication that Royal Halı values ​​new ideas, is organized open to the participation of all ages, education levels and occupational groups. Participants in the competition have the chance to win prizes, while also having the opportunity to improve themselves. In the 2nd Innovation Competition, where new ideas will be presented based on Royal Halı's products and services, ideas compete on new products, developing existing products, marketing campaigns, use of technology in carpet making, efficiency, development and training of dealers.

Royal Carpet Innovation Competition Conditions

Participants can apply to the competition with as many different ideas or projects as they want.
For application, it is sufficient to fill out a separate application form for each idea/project.
Those who wish can join by forming a group of maximum 3 people. If there are applications with the same idea, the first applicant is awarded a prize.

Applications It is done from the application form menu on the web page. After the deadline of 28 March 2014, which is the deadline for the competition, the finalists will be announced on the same site on 4 April 2014. The winners will be announced on April 28, 2014. The winner will be the iPad Mini, the second Royal Ebru carpet and the third Ipod Shuffle.

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