Sultan Abdulhamit's oil map turned out to be real

Sultan Abdulhamit's oil map turned out to be real. It was determined that oil at a gravity of 42,3 in the Eruh district of Siirt came out in the 2th region indicated on the map that was commissioned by German and Turkish engineers in 1901 by Sultan II Abdulhamit Han.

Experts say that as a result of the works that have been going on for about 40 months in the Doğu Sadak-500 Oil Exploration Well, 1 meters from the oil well that was closed 4 years ago, because there is no oil, the quality oil of 2 gravity between 371 thousand 2 and 384 thousand 42,3 meters is on the map 10, He states that oil can be found in the region up to Batman, Botan valley and Güçlükonak district of Şırnak, indicated by numbers 11 and 13.

Siirt Governor Ahmet Aydın reminded the Anadolu Agency (AA) that drilling works were completed in the Doğu Sadak-42,3 Petroleum Exploration Well, which contains oil at a gravity of 1 in the Bayıryüzü village of Eruh district, and that oil production has begun.

“It is certain that the oil map is real”

Sultan II. Stating that Abdulhamit Han formed a delegation in 1901 that included German mining engineer Paul Groskoph and Habip Necip Efendi, Governor Aydın said:

“About 113 years ago, Sultan Abdulhamit Han instructed this delegation to prepare a map of oil in an area including Kirkuk and Mosul in the East and Southeast with his own money. When we look at it today, oil is being extracted rapidly around Kirkuk and Mosul as shown on the map. The map shows that there is oil in the region up to the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th regions of Batman, Botan Valley, Siirt, and Güçlükonak district of Şırnak. The oil found in Eruh came out in the region specified in the oil map commissioned by Sultan Abdülhamit Han. Thus, it was once again certain that the oil map of Sultan Abdulhamid Han was real.”

“Oil exploration efforts have caused great loss of life.

“Oil exploration works carried out in the region for more than 100 years have caused great loss of life. Many engineers who had previously researched the area were found dead. Terrorist incidents were taking place in Herekol, Gabar and Cudi Mountains, where oil deposits are most concentrated. Foreign powers were playing an active role in preventing oil extraction in Turkey and especially in the region,” said Governor Aydın, emphasizing that the citizens living in the region were aware of the existence of oil in the region.

Governor Aydın stated that those working on the technique of the work confirmed the accuracy of the map and stated that the work should be started as soon as possible for the extraction of oil, and asked for a serious research in the region by using the map as a source.

“We invite oil companies to the region”

Pointing out that Sultan Abdulhamit Han had a foresight about the importance of oil during his lifetime, and that he knew the value of oil, Aydın said:

“About 40 years ago, British and American companies turned off the wells after extracting oil in the region and left. In the past, an oil well was drilled on Herekol Mountain, and it was closed due to the events and the inability to determine the exact amount of the reserve. It may not have been very economical 20-30 years ago, but with the increase in oil price, oil extraction is extremely important today. In this context, it would be beneficial to restart oil exploration activities. We expect this map to be sourced and to be researched by research companies and TPAO in this region. Just as Aladdin Middle East Petroleum Exploration Company extracted oil in Eruh, we invite companies that have set their heart on this business to the region.”

Eruh Chamber of Agriculture President Metin Sayın, emphasizing that there is very high quality oil in Eruh that will contribute to the country's economy, said that the oil map prepared during the reign of Sultan Abdülhamit Han reflects the truth.

“They closed the wells saying 'no oil'

Explaining that oil was started to be extracted in Eruh, which is seen as the 12th region on the map, Mr. Sayın said, “With the Petroleum Law enacted in 1974, foreigners were allowed to explore oil. The United States and the British conducted oil exploration activities in the region. They closed the wells by saying 'there is no oil'," he said.

Emphasizing that wells were drilled in Eruh at that time, and then the wells were closed for the same reason, Mr.

“A high quality oil was found 500 meters from the well that was closed in our district. The production of this oil has started. We know that our region is on an oil sea and has a high oil reserve. In the solution process, we want the work to be accelerated so that this oil can be extracted and contribute to the country's economy.”

Mr. Sayın added that they want a share from the revenue to be obtained from the extracted oil to be used in the development of Siirt and Eruh districts and transferred to local resources.



Source : economy.milliyet

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