Turkish Paint Industry Runs for Third Place in Europe with Paintistanbul

Turkish Paint Industry Runs for the Third Place in Europe with Paintistanbul. The Turkish paint industry, which has achieved a successful performance in exports, is rapidly advancing towards its goal of being the third in Europe, with a size of 3 billion dollars. Paint Manufacturers' Association (BOSAD), with the aim of making Turkey a regional power paintistanbul It is bringing the Fair and Congress to life for the third time this year.

The Turkish paint industry, which has attracted attention with its successful performance in exports in recent years, is on its way to becoming the 3rd largest industry in Europe with its size exceeding 3 billion dollars. Setting the target of 2014 billion dollars in exports for 1, the sector will increase its regional power with international organizations. It will be held for the third time this year under the leadership of BOSAD. paintistanbul 2014 As the only organization in its field that brings together all sides of the sector, it carries Turkey to a special position in its region.

While the contraction in the European market continues, the Turkish paint market continues to develop. In Turkey, where per capita paint consumption is still far behind developed countries, the increase in income level and population along with economic growth accelerates the growth of the sector, especially in the construction and industry category. The Turkish paint industry, which has created its own ecosystem from production to raw materials and sub-industry, is also one of the biggest players in Europe. Its key position in Russia and the Turkic Republics, the Middle East and North Africa carries the Turkish paint industry to a privileged place in its region, while the saturation point of the market in Europe increases Turkey's attractiveness.

In order to continue the development of the Turkish paint industry and strengthen its position in international markets, BNeedlework Manufacturers Association (BOSAD), which is implemented every two years. paintistanbul Paint Industry, Raw Materials and Auxiliary Materials Fair and Congress is being held for the third time this year. 23 – 25 October 2014 in history CNR Expo It is expected that companies and visitors from neighboring countries as well as Turkey will show great interest in the fair and congress to be held in Istanbul.

This year's theme of paintistanbul, which brings together the two basic pillars of paint as producer and raw material producer, on the same platform and differs from its peers in this aspect, was determined as “For a better future”. The fair organized in cooperation with BOSAD and CNR Expo; It aims to bring together the decision makers and leading representatives of paint and ink manufacturers, raw material suppliers, researchers, universities and related academic institutions, equipment manufacturers, packaging, logistics, insurance and banking institutions. As in previous years, the organizations that international trade delegations will visit the fair will also be on the agenda of this year's fair.

Within the scope of Paintistanbul 2014, an international congress will be held simultaneously with the fair, in which the world-renowned names of the industry will participate as speakers. For the congress organization, which will shed light on innovation, which is of great importance in increasing the added value in paint exports, cooperation was made with Vincentz Network as a sectoral partner and supporting organization. World-renowned strategist, consultant and business thinker Peter Fisk will also come to Istanbul for the congress and make the opening speech.

More than 2012 thousand people, of which 100 were foreigners, visited the fair held in 10, and commercial delegations from abroad were among the visitors. More than 100 presentations were made within the scope of the congress, where the latest developments and technologies in the world paint industry were discussed. Detailed information with congress http://www.paintistanbul.com/ You can reach it at.

Turkish Paint Industry Runs for Third Place in Europe with Paintistanbul

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