Uludağ University opened the Chemistry Quota for Pedagogical Formation

Uludağ University opened the Chemistry Quota for Pedagogical Formation. In the announcement published by the Dean's Office;
Dear Alumni,

We would like to give general information about Pedagogical Formation applications.
As you know, in December 2013, you, our graduates, were asked to apply for the 20.000 quota specified in the Preference Guide. During these applications, objections intensified on two issues:

1) Objections to the fact that quotas are given to some departments instead of all departments in every university and that no quota is given to some departments with a large number of graduates;
2) Objections regarding your grade conversions, since diploma grades are determined in the system of 100 in some universities and 4 in some universities.

We can summarize the developments under these two headings as follows:


The quotas in the first published guide were as follows:

biology 40
Philosophy 60
Physics 40
Turkish Language and Edb. 40

Here, a total of 4 quotas were given to 6 departments of our faculty (180 departments, considering that there are Sociology and Psychology departments within the Philosophy group). In the announcement of the quotas, written requests were made to the Presidency of Higher Education, first from our Dean's Office and then from the Senate as a decision of the Senate, with the demand to eliminate this deficiency and increase the quotas given in some fields due to the lack of quotas for our History, Chemistry and Mathematics Departments, which are among our departments with the highest number of graduates. Finding these demands justified, the Presidency has determined our quotas in the newly published guide as follows:

biology 40
Philosophy 60
Physics 40
Turkish Language and Edb. 40
Chemistry 40
Mathematics 40
date 40
In this way, a total of 2 quotas have been allocated to all departments except our Archeology Department, which does not have the right to formation, and our Art History Department, where quotas are given only in 300 universities. In this process, we think that your justified searches using tools such as e-mail, fax, petition, twitter, and telephone are also beneficial and we congratulate you.


You are aware of the existence of a YÖK conversion table that transforms the two systems. However, in addition to this, many universities were using their own grade conversion tables. Upon objections, YÖK requested grade conversion tables from all universities. However, when the claim emerged among the candidates that many universities have prepared grade conversion tables that can provide an advantage to their graduates and send them to YÖK, YÖK has decided to convert the grades of the universities that apply the 4 system to a quadruple system only according to the YÖK conversion table, since the number of universities that apply the quadruple system is low. has published this in the new guide.

At this point, neither you graduates of Uludag University Faculty of Arts and Sciences nor our Dean's Office have anything left to do about your grade conversions. Despite this, since there are concerns among some graduates that there may be grievances during the conversion of the 100 system to the 4th system according to the YÖK conversion table, we are in the process of sending a letter containing these concerns to the YÖK Presidency. If you think that there is a possibility of being victimized, you can take action in this regard. The fact that all of your previous justifiable objections have been evaluated and resolved by the Council of Higher Education signals that your future applications will also be evaluated duly.

We wish you all the best in the application process, success in the appointment process and good luck.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office


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