Monthly 2 Thousand Lira Scholarship from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to those who prefer the Department of Chemistry.

Monthly 2 Thousand Lira Scholarship from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to those who prefer the Department of Chemistry. Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Fikri Işık, said that they will give a monthly scholarship of 5 thousand lira to those who enter the top 2 thousand in the university exam and who prefer mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology departments.

Minister Işık answered questions on the agenda at the AA Editorial Desk. “It is seen that students do not prefer basic sciences at universities and there is a problem in this regard. Do you have any work to encourage these departments?” Işık said that Turkey had to make a leap in science and technology. Light continued:

“We have to raise the level of technology, especially in production. In order to raise the level of science and technology, our human resources are indispensable. Nobody gives technology to anybody anymore. You need to quickly transfer and develop technology from one place or produce it yourself. But in both cases, the most important factor is human resources.”

Drawing attention to the fact that basic sciences are "indispensable" in addition to applied sciences in the development of technology, Işık said that in recent years, a significant part of the students did not prefer basic sciences. Işık said, “Almost none of our students who entered the first thousand, 5 thousand and 10 thousand prefer basic sciences. This may not be for today, but it will be one of Turkey's most important handicaps for tomorrow.”

Işık stated that they have implemented a very important program to prevent this, and said:

“Our TÜBİTAK Science Board was also discussed and decided. Now we have to strengthen basic sciences in Turkey. At this point, we will give a monthly scholarship of 5 thousand liras to the top 2 thousand students if they choose mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology departments. So we will give a civil servant salary scholarship. But what is our condition? They will choose one of the departments of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, which we call basic sciences. We will provide scholarships of one thousand lira per month to the second 5 who choose these departments.”

Basic science double major scholarship

Işık said, “We are taking a more important step” and continued as follows:

“This is the most important area where we hope to get results. Our double major quota was very limited. These quotas have increased with the joint work of YÖK and TÜBİTAK. A quota of 20 percent is reserved for each section. We say that we will provide scholarships of 10 lira per month to our students who are in the top 750 thousand and study in other departments and choose basic sciences as their second major. This will be a very important step in terms of basic sciences. We say that our student should study in electronic engineering, but also in mathematics, biology, physics or chemistry.”

Işık pointed out that with the said study, cooperation among different disciplines will develop. Işık said, “Our goal here is to both encourage interdisciplinary work and to eliminate this problem that threatens Turkey's future in the field of science in basic sciences. We think we will get important results. Students will benefit from these rights in the 2014-2015 academic year.”

Minister Işık also noted that they have started work to strengthen the Basic Sciences Research Institute.



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