The Most Successful Company in the Chemical Industry DYO

The Most Successful Company in the Chemical Industry DYO. DYO ranked first in the chemical industry in the performance index of 154 R&D Centers in Turkey, announced for the first time this year by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

As Turkey's first domestic paint manufacturer, DYO's R&D investments are close to the average of developed countries. The company, which spends about 2.2 percent of its turnover on R&D every year, implemented 43 projects during this period and 12 percent of its sales came from new products. DYO R&D Center, which employs 68 people; It cooperates with international research institutions such as Belgium-based CoRI (Coatings Research Institute) and UK-based PRA Coatings Technology Center in the development and execution of joint projects.



Source: Hürriyet

📩 23/03/2014 16:29

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