We Can Learn Our Death Date!

We Can Learn Our Death Date! The test that knows death in 5 years has been found. Scientists shared the interesting discovery. Well, would you like to know that you will not die in 5 years? What is the probability that a healthy person will die in the next 5 years? Scientists are of the opinion that they can now answer this question with a simple blood test.

Finnish and Estonian researchers have discovered a test that predicts a person's probability of dying within 5 years. Researchers say that 4 values ​​in the blood are decisive. In the study, one hundred different biomolecules in the blood of 17 thousand people without health problems were examined. The health status of the individuals was followed for 5 years. During the follow-up period, about 700 of these people died from various diseases, including heart and cancer. Four values ​​were found to be at similar levels in all of the deceased. These indicators are albumin, alpha-1 acid glycoprotein, citrate and low-density lipoprotein. Scientists say that by looking at these four values, it can be understood whether people will die within 5 years. However, if nothing can be done to prevent it, it is also discussed what good it would be for people to know beforehand that they will die.

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