It Produced Spinach from the Flue Gas of the Thermal Power Plant.

It Produced Spinach from the Flue Gas of the Thermal Power Plant. With the system developed by an SME from Ankara, the flue gas of thermal power plants can be converted into fertilizer. With the project supported by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and TUBITAK, spinach was grown with this method.
Ankara-based industrialist Nihat Güçlü produced the 'Flue Gas Purification Filter', which reduces sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide gases, after seeing the damage done by Afşin Elbistan Coal Power Plant, where he worked for 7 months, to the environment and people.
Güçlü stated that they produced the prototype of the system and received a patent. Stating that filter production was developed by some major countries in the world, Güçlü stated that they decided to start a TÜBİTAK KAMAG project with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for the project to be used in power plants in Turkey.

Project coordinator Selami Bekmezci said, “The flue gas formed is washed with our mineral chemical in the wet washing tower. The treatment waste generated as a result of the reaction is taken as liquid fertilizer from the lower part of the system. Stating that their project is the first study in this field in Turkey, Bekmezci said:

Used in other industry
“With the project, we aimed to purify the substances polluting the air in a single unit with a new and domestic system, without leaving any waste. In existing systems, hundreds of hectares of land become unusable every day, with thousands of tons of flue gas treatment waste being transported to the landfill in the form of gypsum slime. We reduced the treatment costs with the system and obtained products with added value from the treated materials. All of the EU criteria for the year 2050 of the carbon dioxide gases released into the nature by the system are met.”
Project coordinator Halil Kazaz said, “We can use the system in many areas such as thermal power plants that use coal and oil, asphalt production facilities, mass housing heating systems, ships, iron and steel industry. With the fertilizer to be obtained from the places we will use, competition in agriculture will be created in better conditions. With this system, negative reactions about thermal power plants will also decrease.” One of the products grown with the project was spinach.

Afşin-Elbistan, Turkey's largest thermal power plant, has emitted 10 million tons of ash, 38,7 million tons of carbon dioxide, 117,4 million tons of sulfur gas, and 5,8 million tons of nitrogen gas to the environment in the last 0,28 years.



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